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What's New at Sticky Tape?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The past month has been very exciting for us here at Sticky Tape Productions!

Our campaign for phase 1 of production funding for Mildly Different went exceptionally well and raised $15,000!

Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters we have reached 101% of our funding goal for phase one! This has been a really tough campaign with many ups and downs, but we wanted you all to know how much it means to us to have such amazing support from all of you-- whether that was in the form of a contribution, reaching out to others on our behalf, or simply some kind words to let us know that our project means something to you. Thank you so much for being a part of the Mildly Different community and getting our project to where it is now! We could not have don't this without you and are humbled by the reactions we have received. You are the awesomesauce. <3

Our New Executive Producers: Lucas Ferrara, from Newman Ferrara, New York, USA Tim and Mary Larson, from Grant Larson Productions, California, USA Professor Peter Mahoney, England, U.K. And Our New Associate Producer: John Power, with Primrose Path Productions, Texas, USA We could not have gotten here without you! Thank you so very much for coming on board! <3

What's Next for Mildly Different? Now that we have successfully raised $15,000 for our phase one of production funding, we will be applying for match funding for another $13,000 for phase two of production funding with high hopes, and later for another $5,000 for post-production. When will the film be ready? If all goes according to plan, we hope to have the film finished and ready to view by the end of summer 2021. What can you do to help? We have created a Patreon account to continue gathering funding for our Phase Two! It would be amazing if you could signup to support us or to share our Patreon page: We will keep all of our wonderful Mildly Different community updated as we get closer to production and we thank you once more for all of your fantastic support and encouragement!

For more information about Mildly Different, click HERE.

What else is going on?

The Dining Room is Completed!

Our sci-fi short film, The Dining Room by writer/director Cian Clarke Walls, has been completed and has so far received a semi-finalist nod from the Sweden Film Awards! We are excited to see where the road will take us and hope to bring The Dining Room to a festival near you soon! For more info, see our Facebook page HERE.

Until next time!

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