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Mildly Different Campaign is LIVE!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Mildly Different is LIVE! 

The past week has been amazing and we wanted to thank all of you for support -- the follows, likes, and shares have not gone unnoticed. The day has finally come to launch this thing and we are excited to get started! 

MILDLY DIFFERENT is aimed to promote awareness for autism in women and what that looks and feels like, as females often differ from males with the same condition. 

With your support, we can raise awareness of a problem that has been swept under the rug and bring in understanding, acknowledgement, and hopefully more acceptance for the condition in women.

Our writer/director, Anna Czarska says: 

"As an autistic woman who lived most of my life without knowing why I was so different, I wanted to bring a voice to other women who experienced the same.
While autism as a whole is misunderstood by many, autism in women has been entirely ignored. I want to show the world what autism in women looks and feels like, to not only bring more awareness to the condition in women but also to give neurodiverse women a way to express their experiences to neurotypicals.
I believe this film will create an outlet for those who have trouble expressing how they differ."

Over the past year, we have met some incredible people while developing Mildly Different. We want to continue to build a community around our film and hope that we can count you in! 

This first few days of the launch are crucial to its success so please do contribute in whatever way you can, whether this be financially or simply by FOLLOWING and SHARING our campaign on your social media feed -- all is appreciated. <3


Thank you again for your support and encouragement! 

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