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Supporting Autism Awareness and Acceptance

MD Large Poster Launch

Sticky Tape Productions present an edgy, dramatic short film about a young woman on the autistic spectrum who struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.

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What do people think?

“It's the most accurate depiction of sensory overload I have ever seen,"


“Fine, intimate performances from an outstanding cast and superb cinematography, and is well worth seeking out."


“ 'Mildly Different' short film smashes normal expectations,"


"'Authentic and powerful, this highly articulate film communicates one person's inner experiences at the points where they most clash with the outer world. It does so with great subtlety, bravely asking its audience to join the dots for themselves. A stunning, sensitively shaped piece of work that will change attitudes and perceptions'".


"The 28-minute film is emotive and extremely raw at times, as we see Christina battle with loneliness and a lack of understanding from the people in her life."

"It is such a powerfully honest and accurate look at Autism and Sensory Overload, I was nearly in tears watching it...Even if you're not autistic or have no knowledge of Autism, this will help a little bit to understand what it can be like at times for most autistic individuals - that feeling of loneliness and being alienated for how different you are, in a world that still doesn't really know how to accommodate you...The performances are great and it's just such a beautiful little film about a young woman who doesn't really know who she is or how to fit in, until she meets someone who finally gets her for who she is, setting her off on a new journey of self-discovery. Highly recommend, it is worth every penny!"



Behind the Scenes

A few behind the scenes stills from our set ...



Have a look at our beautiful storyboading done by the talented Matt Kavanagh



Trailer for Mildly Different

We had a great time filming this trailer with DOP Barry Fahy! Christina is played by IFTA nominated, autistic, Irish actor Jordanne Jones.


Trailer created by Anna Czarska

Mildly Different Film Storyboarding

Why Now? 

Most atypical presenting autistic individuals are not diagnosed properly.

Autism in women is often either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to the differences in how atypical traits present themselves compared traditional ones. Because many on the spectrum usually don't initially appear as drastically different, they are expected to behave the same as neurotypicals, only they can't. They are not the same, and yet don't come across as different enough ... They are, Mildly Different.

We conducted a study for those on the spectrum last year, you can read the results HERE

Why This? 

If only they knew what it was like. 

Mildly Different is a cinematic and artistically edgy narrative. We tell the story of a young woman who has been struggling since she was a child due to being misdiagnosed with other conditions that never fit and did not provide the explanations nor support she needed. Unfortunately, that is often the case for autistic females.

With our film, Mildly Different, we want to raise awareness of a problem with support resources that has been swept under the rug and perhaps shed light on what atypical autism looks and feels like, in attempt to bring in understanding, acknowledgement, and hopefully more support for the condition.

Mildly Different Film Storyboarding
Mildly Different Film Poster Launch

from February

A live-action narrative with an edge

WATCH Mildly Different streaming with Video on Demand through Vimeo.

How can you contribute? 

Join us in showing others what autism in women looks and feels like

What you can do:

  • Watch Mildly Different HERE

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  • Research autism in women and share your findings with others

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We conducted a study for those on the spectrum last year, you can read the results HERE

Mildly Different Film Storyboarding
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