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What We Do 

Put simply, we love great media and want to make more of it. Truly inspirational, thought-provoking media can impact an individual in a way that very few other things can. Our job is to make something that creates this kind of impact, from start to finish, collaborating along the way with brilliant minds who can add something fresh to the mix. 


What we do is.... magic. Just kidding. But we take a concept and turn it into reality. So... basically... magic. 

Who We Are

This all started with a few people who wanted to make a movie and decided, "Hey, why stop at that?". Our team adheres to using creative yet practical solutions for getting the project across the line without sacrificing the must-haves. We aim to combine talent, imagination, and passion with sensible application. Why spend a fortune replacing something if you can simply fix it with "Sticky-Tape"?

Sticky Tape Productions Team
Sticky Tape Productions Logo
Anna Czarska Directing Sticky Tape Productions

Managing Director/Creative Producer

Anna has been involved with the film industry on and off throughout their life. They have a background in business and produces, directs, writes, and manages projects that exemplify their interest in unconventional cinema, often regarding topics involving mental health or societal matters that require greater public awareness. Anna especially likes to challenge the everyday thinker to try something new, something different; this is at the heart of where their enthusiasm lies. 

Greatest Film Industry Inspirations Include: Robert Rodriguez, Christopher Nolan, Interstellar, Stranger Things, The OA, Gary Oldman

Anna is a full member of the Writer's Guild Ireland, Screen Directors Guild Ireland, and Screen Producers Ireland

Anna Czarska

James Van De Waal

Technical Operations

James has a background in media production including feature films, music videos, documentaries, and radio and has carried a variety of roles on set. He is primarily oriented toward cinematography and is passionate about stylish and evocative filming techniques. With a keen awareness of the technical and practical demands of filming, the camera’s advantages and limitations, the lighting requirements of a space, and the specifics of the script, James is a valuable asset to the Sticky Tape team.

Greatest Film Industry Inspirations Include: Robert Altman, David Lynch, David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, Lost Highway, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, Gosford Park, Zodiak , Sam Rockwell, Tilda Swinton

James Van De Waal Cinematography Camera Sticky Tape Productions
Josh Kraut

Business Operations

Josh has been an avid entrepreneur and small business owner with wild ideas of saving the world with bugs. He also happens to be good with finance and project management. His greatest aspiration in life is to never appear in a feature film, so far he's doing a stellar job.  

Greatest Film Industry Inspirations Include: What's a film?! I play video games, read fantasy and sci-fi novels, and make money

Josh Kraut

Sulekha Lal

Marketing & Social Media

Sulekha loves everything involving creativity, self-growth, traveling and building strong online communities. She's a postgraduate student of Marketing at Trinity College, with work experience in a growth marketing tech startup and undergraduate studies in English Literature & Economics.


Apart from creating a good life for her dog Luna, she loves marketing, reading & watching great pieces of art. In her free time, you can find her practicing Danish Hygge, honing new marketing skills and discussing great ideas with her dog while sipping tea.

Greatest Film Industry Inspirations: Interstellar, Soul, A Beautiful Mind, Julie & Julia, The Pursuit Of Happyness

Sulekha Lal image
Tighearnan Noonan

Tighearnan Noonan

Production Assistant

Tighearnan has been working in the film industry for most of his adult life. He has worked as an assistant for all nearly all departments of a film set from Bollywood films to Badlands action shows. He has directed and produced theatrical productions as well as having his writing published for the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. In between film work he has worked as an ESOL teacher and an SNA.  

Greatest Film Industry Inspirations: Akira Kurosawa, Francis Ford Coppola,  Kevin Smith, Peter Jackson and Paul Verhoeven. Raised on a steady diet of action and science fiction but, most of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In recent years Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, with his magical tears, have been rather inspiring

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