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The Dining Room film Nuala

The Dining Room

Sci-fi Drama Short Film,

Written and Directed by Cian Clarke Walls

A young woman meets her family in the past, only to discover that her identity is a lie.

Sticky Tape Productions presents a Black Mirror-style sci-fi drama about time-travel -- Be mindful of what you ask for.

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The Dining Room Smaller Poster with laur
Anna Czarska Alex Toth Dining Room.jpg



      Anna                  Alex                  Sarah

    Czarska                Toth                 Niland



        Luke                       Ray       

     Heapes                   Malone    


Trailer made by James Van de Waal


Shot 1- The Dining Room.jpg

Written and Directed by Cian Clarke Walls

Produced by Anna Czarska

Cinematography by Gareth Stack and Conor Waters

Sound by Kev Moore

Original Score by Natasa Paulberg

Editing by Philip Kidd

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