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Neon Backdrop

Bubbles in the Summertime

a Psychological Sci-fi Feature Film

Written and Directed by Anna Czarska

When a schizophrenic man learns that his hallucinations are real events taking place in another dimension, he must find a way to stop them before they have deadly consequences.

Bubbles in the Summertime’s aim is to change the audience’s perspective about mental health and reality as we know it.

Neon doorway
Seagulls flying in the sky
Brown eye closeup

Things are not what they seem. Open your mind. What could be, sometimes is. Or is it? What is reality? What is love? Why are we connected to the people we feel strongly pulled to? Does energy transcend our perception of reality?

Over-lapping worlds, cutting in and out. Some with minor changes, some that look like you have stepped into another place in time.

Anxious man in bed
Books in a library
Car stereo
Neon cafe bus
Woman with red lips
White office
Closeup of blue eye

Currently in development and looking for funding.

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